Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Check out Kindle Fire's new SlingPlayer App - Watch Live TV

The new SlingPlayer app allows you to watch live tv, and record DVR, right from your Kindle Fire Amazon tablet.

Just in case you don’t already have enough content to consume on your new Kindle Fire slate, then how about adding some live TV and DVR recording capabilities to boot?
I know, as an Amazon Prime subscriber, the unlimited consumption of “pre recorded” TV shows and movies is great and all, but what about watching the Super Bowl live on your Kindle Fire?  That’s what the new SlingPlayer app for Kindle Fire can do for you.
According to one source, in order to start watching TV shows on your Kindle Fire (like As The World Turns during your lunch break), you’re going to need the Slingbox SOLO ($147.87 on Amazon) or Slingbox PRO-HD ($259.18 on Amazon) connected to your home set-top box, as well as the SlingPlayer app.

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