Thursday, December 20, 2007

Drink lots of water!

What every parent is told not to do...that's what the enuresis professionals are telling us to do. Give your son all the water he can comfortably hold before bedtime. Makes sense to me! How long have we been doing it the other way (you know, nothing to drink after dinner) without any sign of the bedwetting letting up? At this point, I'm willing to try anything humane.

It sure did make my son feel a lot better. No more waking up with his mouth so dry that he was puckered! So did he pee a lot more? You betcha. This is meant to accomplish a couple of things. First of all, remember what I said about the bladder being like a balloon? Well, putting a large amount of water into it before bedtime starts to train it to be stretched. Bird number 1: better bladder development.

Next, when a full bladder empties, it makes the alarm go off while still giving time that the child can wake up before he finishes urinating. This helps train the brain to wake up as soon as the wetting starts. Oh, I didn't mention the alarm before? Okay, so there's an alarm. More about that later...Bird number 2: brain training to wake for wetting. What is it that they say about killing 2 birds with 1 stone?

Now, my hubby is after me to get to the part about how all this is related to sleep issues. So guess what? That'll be tomorrow's blog. I'll start tackling not only the why, but the how. Be blessed, and be sure to stay tuned. It just gets gooder and gooder! ;)

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