Thursday, February 7, 2008

Something new!

I just learned that the Bedwetting Help for Moms newsletter recommended that their readers visit my blog. Boy is the pressure on!

So I told you all in some previous posts that we were instructed to have our son drink as much water before bedtime as he could comfortably hold. If you haven't read those posts, you really might want to check them out. Well, there was another little trick that they told us at the same time that I forgot to mention. They suggested that we switch him entirely to distilled water to drink. Now I know that for some kids, drinking water might as well be drinking pee. Even my mom doesn't drink water and never has. She starts her morning with a diet soda (boy have we gone round and round on that one!).

But we're talking hope here. The hope that our kids can stay dry! Every parent has their own way of making the kids do what they don't want to do. Some of you may just hand them the cup and say "Here, drink this and don't give me any lip about it!" in your best drill sergeant voice. But if that's not you, then perhaps start out with adding a little to some 100% juice and gradually increasing the ratio of water to juice. Or if you have your own little tricks, feel free to email me and let me know so I can post them. I'll be glad to give you the name of the book that the high-paid enuresis professional gave us detailing the benefits of drinking distilled water....just as soon as I find it!

Come back soon, there's so much more!

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