Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What time do we go to bed?

I'm not sure how relevant this is, but another thing that those expensive enuresis treatment people recommended was to make sure that our son had a fairly consistent bedtime of around 9:30pm. We have tried that, but our son still does not usually fall asleep until around 11 or 12. I could not say that the bedtime did not have any impact though, because it was just a part of a whole program that we instituted all at once. Who knows? Give it a try. Just don't be surprised if you find that your son or daughter does not fall asleep for hours even when you know that they are tired. What we did was to let him read a book by lamplight until he fell asleep. Hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

i noticed that the later my son went to bed the less amount of times he wet the bed i dont understand that

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelley,

Did you stop blogging? I want to hear the end of your story with your son's bedwetting. Did the program work completely? The last blog I have is dated Feb 26, 2008. Is there more?

Carol Ann